Thank you for making the 1st annual Capes 4 Cal 5K a huge success!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Magnuson Park, Seattle WA.


Calvin has been a superhero from birth. 

He was born on Nov. 19, 2007, almost 7 weeks early, with a VSD hole in his heart. He was diagnosed with severe reflux. At three months old, he was diagnosed with Infantile Esotropia and fitted for glasses. At six months old, he had eye surgery.

After missing developmental milestones, Cal started occupational, feeding, vision, and speech therapies.

At a year old, Calvin’s health got progressively worse, resulting in hospitalizations at Seattle Children’s with each illness. In November 2009, Calvin was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. After difficulty recovering from tonsil/adenoid surgery, he lost the milestones he worked so hard to achieve. 

After multiple tests for genetic or metabolic disorders, Calvin’s pediatrician suspected mitochondrial disease. A muscle biopsy in May 2010 confirmed the diagnosis of Mito. Calvin had a gastric feeding tube surgically placed in his stomach, which is used to provide continuous nutrition overnight and medications and feeds during the day.

Calvin had another eye surgery in October 2011.

Calvin has completed additional testing this year in hopes of finding the origin of his mitochondrial disease so he can receive more targeted treatment. 

SuperCal bravely battles the MitoMonster and it's time to join the fight!


Calvin Superhero Calvin 2016